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HANASAKI Kaya born in Tokyo. She is currently based in Japan and other Asian countries. Hanasaki is a performance artist who also works on various mediums including projects, workshops, installations, video works, and more others. Hanasaki takes her own view of social, political, and cultural issues, which all have a profound influence upon her to live in contemporary society. She reflects her thoughts to these issues in her works and activities. In 2012, She graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts with an M.F.A. In 2017, she was one of the founders of the cultural space ‘Ivy Palace’ in Taipei and managed it till 2019. The solo exhibition includes ‘My home, Our treasure’, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei (2016), and her work has been included in group exhibitions such as ‘You (We) are Beautiful!’, Shinokubo UGO (2020), ‘Exposing the bushes’, TOKAS Hongo (2020).

Educational Background

2012 M.F.A of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Inter Media Art

2009 B.F.A of Tama Art University of Fine arts, Department of Oil Painting

Selected Solo Exhibitions, Solo Performances

(Including solo performances in group exhibitions and interactive performances)

03/26 “Communing 2: Artivism and Therapy“, Reborn-Art ONLINE 2021, Shibuya PARCO GAKU (Shibuya, Tokyo)


10/24 “On My (Our) Way” You (We) are Beautiful!, Shinokubo UGO (Shinokubo, Tokyo)

12/07 “Dismiss Us With Blessing” Hyper Local – Nature & Future by Funny Revenge (Busan, Korea)
11/30 “Idling Images” The Thrill Amongst Giant Infants, South Sour Water Performance and Visual Art Festival, Lookman Longshan (Taipei, Taiwan)
01/27 “Across the Visible Babbling” The Era of Compound Eyes – RANDOMIZE Intl. Unstable Media Art Festival 2019 (Taipei, Taiwan)

09/14-16 “The Tickets from the Unnamed Can” Barrack: survives, Bangkok Biennial 2018, Whiteline (Bangkok, Thailand)
04/01 “Golden Intent” Ivy Palace (Taipei, Taiwan)

03/26 “Buzz Under the Blue Sky” The more beautiful it becomes, Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels (Higashimatsuyama, Saitama)
01/22 “Play Back, Pray” Pundit’ (Koenji, Tokyo)

12/11-01/31 Solo Exhibition: My Home, Our Treasure, Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei, Taiwan)
04/01 “Meet in Two” 2016 Taipei Contemporary Art Center’s Golden Ticket Performance, Spot (Taipei, Taiwan)

12/05 “Me Myself as Secret” Roji to Hito (Jinbocho, Tokyo)

08/02-28 Solo Exhibition: Kaya Hanasaki works of 2007-2012, ( ) Art Space (Taipei, Taiwan)

10/03-06 Solo Exhibition: Art Action in UK -Return back solo exhibition, Shirotonoran shop No.12 (Koenji, Tokyo)
10/3 “Performance in Mask vol.2” Shirotonoran no.12 (Koenji, Tokyo)
08/12 “Phototaxis Effect” Deptford X London’s Contemporary Art Festival, HATCH SPACE (London, U.K)
01/07-15 “Row Your Boat” Geidai Sentan 2012 -Graduation Exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Intermedia Art, BankART studio NYK (Yokohama, Kanagawa)

11/07-11 “Web Nest” Exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Intermedia Art, Tokyo Art University (Toride, Ibaraki)

10/25-31 “Web Nest” Atlas 2011 -Exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Intermedia Art, Tokyo Art University (Toride, Ibaraki)
08/17 “Bristle to Beard” Nightmare at Sand Dune, Shinjyuku Ganka Gallery (Shinjyuku, Tokyo)


03/12-17 “Bristle to Beard” ∴ Exhibition by Olimu Urano, Hanasaki Kaya, Miki Watanabe, Gallery Commune(Shimokitazawa, Tokyo)

05/03 “Camouflage” NaиZö:zAяanYa, RAFT (Nakano, Tokyo)

Organized works: Curated Exhibitions, Projects, Workshops, Events etc

08/30 “Improvisation Performance Night – Night 4 – ” Reykjavík Lab (Taipei, Taiwan)
06/22 “Improvisation Performance Night – Night 3 – ” Ivy Palace (Taipei, Taiwan)

12/16 “Improvisation Performance Night – Night 2 – ” Ivy Palace (Taipei, Taiwan)
10/20 “Improvisation Performance Night – Night 1 – ” Ivy Palace (Taipei, Taiwan)

08/21 “Relax in Plaza” Asean Plaza (Taichung, Taiwan)

~ “Portrait in Mask” (Ongoing project everywhere)

Selected Group Exhibitions

05/20-05/30 “Post – The Presence of Live Performance” Acid House (Taipei, Taiwan)
01/11-02/09 “Exposing the Bush” Tokyo Arts and Space (Hongo, Tokyo)

11/30-12/29 “The Thrill Amongst Giant Infants” South Sour Water Performance and Visual Art Festival, Lookman Longshan (Taipei, Taiwan)

09/14-16 “Barrack: survives” Bangkok Biennial 2018, Whiteline (Bangkok, Thailand)
09/01-09/16 “Neat Memory” Cale (Tokyo,Japan)

10/09-11/06 “Parousia: The Advent of N-Factory” N-Factory (Tainan, Taiwan)
09/03-11 “Another (Home) Land” Stock 20 (Taichung, Taiwan)
04/16-05/29 “Return To” Tokyo Wonder Site (Hongo, Tokyo)
03/24-27 “Anti Nuclear Exhibition” Irregular Rhythm Asylum (Shinjyuku, Tokyo)

12/04-01/03 “Short-Term Memory” Taipei Artist Village (Taipei, Taiwan)
10/16-18 “On Site Art festival” URS21 (Taipei, Taiwan)
03/10-15 “Those Who Go East” White Conduit Projects (London, U.K)

03/31-04/05 “World Uprising Exhibition” Bunbodou Gallery (Jinbocho, Tokyo)

08/03-09/01 “Unite! Idiots of the East Asia!” Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo (Hsinchu, Taiwan)

10/25-31 “Atlas 2011 -Exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Intermedia Art” Tokyo Art University (Toride, Ibaraki)

08/06-18 “Nightmare at Sand Dune” Shinjyuku Ganka Gallery (Shinjyuku, Tokyo)
03/12-17 “∴ Exhibition by Olimu Urano, Kaya Hanasaki, Miki Watanabe” Gallery Commune (Shimokitazawa, Tokyo)

03/20-23 “Tama Art University Exhibition of Graduation Works 2008” Tama Art University (Hachioji, Tokyo)
02/19-03/01 “Joint Graduation Exhibition of 5 Art Universities in Tokyo” The National Art Center Tokyo (Roppongi, Tokyo)

11/02-04 “NUiDE Exhibition at Tama Art University Festival” Tama Art University (Hachioji, Tokyo)

Collaborations, Guest Performances etc

12/07 Collaborated: “TUTUMU”, Ryun Space (Busan, Korea)
12/02 Collaborated: “The Way” with Nacca, NODE (Busan, Korea)
11/30 Guest Performance: “Dusty Husky – LalaEatsLala Installation Show” ( ) Art Saloon (Taipei, Taiwan)
11/29 Guest Performance: “Camping Asia Closing: QㄦQ<3 CAMP-ing Party” Bopiliao Historical Block (Taipei, Taiwan)
10/20 Guest Performance: “THREE” by Nyotaimori Tokyo, Mica (Taipei, Taiwan)
10/19 “THREE” by Nyotaimori Tokyo, Venue (Taipei, Taiwan)
10/18 “Liqueered × Fucking-Super-Girlfriend Crash Party” Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taipei, Taiwan)

01/27 “ART is in the pARTy” by chim↑pom – National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taichung, Taiwan)


08/28 “Perspectives of Individual” N-Factory (Tainan, Taiwan)
03/17 “Art and Action” CSM University(London, United Kingdom)
03/12 “Wiggling Umbra” for No Nuke Rally 2016 by Green Party (Taipei, Taiwan)
02/20 “Technoshamanist Ritual” Schillerpalais (Berlin, Germany)

12/11 “Red Borders” Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei, Taiwan)
10/17,18 “On Site Artfest 2015” URS21 (Taipei, Taiwan)
07/09 “Ocean Home Wild Market” Ocean Home (Hualian, Taiwan)
04/06,11 “Action Vacation” Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei, Taiwan)
03/21 “Kaya no Soto” Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taipei, Taiwan)

12/28 “Winter Solstice” siu siu (Taipei, Taiwan)
09/13 “Mobile Box” Bihu Weaving House (Taipei, Taiwan)
03/14 “White Fungus #14 Tokyo release event” Soup(Ochiai, Tokyo)
03/11 “OLD GIRLS OF JAMIA -Ⅰ” M.F.Husain Art Gallery (Jamia Millia Islamia) (New Delhi, India)

09/22 “The Solar Budokan 2013” Nakatsugawa Park (Nakatsugawa, Gifu)
08/11 “iN-PAF / International Interactive Performance Art Festival” Instant42 (New Taipei City, Taiwan)
08/07 “Lin Shin vol.2” Howl Space (Tainan, Taiwan)
08/03 “Unite! Idiots of the East Asia!” Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo (Hsinchu , Taiwan)
08/02 “Yu Lan the Flower Lady” ( ) Art Space (Taipei, Taiwan)
03/26 “Performance HeArt” Grace Exhibition Space (New York, U.S.A)
03/24 “Performance Heart -Pussy Licious” Muchmore’s (New York, U.S.A)
03/02 “Kin Chu Sai Ka vol.2” Sendai Mediatheque, Street (Sendai, Miyagi)

08/24 “Greenbelt Festival” Cheltenham RaceCourse (Cheltenham, U.K)
01/28 “i close my eyes” Gallery Chifuriguri (Sendai, Miyagi)

Selected Awards, Grants, Artist In Residence (A.I.R)

A.I.R: “A.I.R Asahikawa” by AIRA (Asahikawa, Japan)
Grants: Ogasawara Toshiaki Memorial Foundation (Japan)
A.I.R: “A.I.R by Sikukeluang” by Rumah Budaya Siku Keluang (Pekanbaru, Indonesia)

A.I.R: “Hyper Local – Nature & Future” by Funny Revenge (Busan, Korea)
A.I.R: “N-Factory A.I.R” by N- factory (Tainan, Taiwan)
A.I.R: “Taichung ASEAN Square Cultural Exchange Project” by 1059 (Taichung, Taiwan)

A.I.R: “Exchange Residency Program” by Tokyo Wonder Site (Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taiwan)

A.I.R: “Art Action UK Residency” by Arts Center Group (Deptford, United Kingdom)
Awards: Selected Artist of “Small Step, Encouraging young artists program” by SNAC (Japan)

Awards: Encouragement prize of “Experimental Sound, Art & Performance Festival 2008” by Tokyo Wonder Site (Japan)

Presentations, Talks, Lectures etc

03/13 “Talk and Workshop of Performance Art” Karl International Experimental Education Institute (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
03/03 “IRLC’s Cultural Meeting” The University of Riau (Pekanbaru, Indonesia)
02/26 “IQRA’ – Public Presentation” by Rumah Budaya Siku Keluang (Pekanbaru, Indonesia)
01/19 “Artist Talk with IHARADA Haruka” Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo (Hongo, Tokyo)

07/17 “She is like a migratory fish” Ge-Shuku (Kanazawa, Ishikawa)

05/14 – 05/16 ”The Plum Blossom Workshop” –  Yuan Ze University Department of Art and Design(Taoyuan, Taiwan)


12/12 “Meets Nights at Barrack” Barrack (Naha, Okinawa)
04/16 “Return To” Tokyo Wonder Site (Hongo, Tokyo)
04/08 “Art Action UK: 5 years after 3.11” by Art Action UK, Tochika (Senjyu, Tokyo)
03/19 “Sameta Taion” with Mayumi Yamase, Fuchu Green Plaza (Fuchu, Tokyo)
03/02 “Social issues and performance art – Looking into society by body and action” with Violeta Luna by Sophia University Institute of Global Concern, Café Lavandería (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

12/13 “Village Gathering Talk” Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei, Taiwan)
11/20 “Rooftop Talks” Taipei Artist Village (Taipei, Taiwan)
01/15 “Tokyo Extra Inning” with Kao Jun-Honn and Chiaki Soma, Shirotonoran no.12 (Koenji, Tokyo)

12/16 “What an art can do after the Great East Japan earthquake by Art Action UK” Tokyo University of Arts, Senjyu Campus (Kitasenjyu, Tokyo)
08/11 “iN-PAF / International Interactive Performance Art Festival” Instant42 (New Taipei City, Taiwan)
08/07 “Lin Shin vol.2” Howl Space (Tainan, Taiwan)
08/05 “HOMUS tour in Taichung” Art Anew gallery & café (Taichung, Taiwan)
08/03 “Unite! Idiots of the East Asia!” Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo (Hsinchu, Taiwan)

10/04 “Debriefing session of Art Action in UK” with Yoshitaka Mohri and Kaori Homma, Shirotonoran no.12 (Koenji, Tokyo)
08/24 “Greenbelt Festival” with Yoshihide Otomo, Cheltenham RaceCourse (Cheltenham, U.K)
08/12 “Deptford X London’s Contemporary Art Festival” with Yoshihide Otomo and Misao Red Wolf, Hatch Space (London, U.K)
08/01 “Performance Arts and Bodies in East Asia” by Taipei Contemporary Art Center (Taipei, Taiwan)
03/31 “n.o.n.u.k.e.s. TALK: Two Years On: How’s Tokyo, Anyway? – With Artist Kaya Hanasaki” Cage (New York, U.S.A)

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Group Works